BIOSWEEP® Service Providers offer the most effective odor removal, surface decontamination and antimicrobial technologies available in the market and provide a myriad of benefits:

EXPERTISE: BIOSWEEP Service Providers are highly trained and certified technicians whose primary focus is odor removal and surface antimicrobial treatment.

COST SAVINGS: BIOSWEEP can save YOU thousands – even tens of thousands of dollars – in restoration expenses due to odor related issues affecting contents, destruction of property, leaseability and resale. BIOSWEEP eliminates the need for any odor removal chemicals, sealants or deodorizers resulting in additional cost savings as well as reduction in cleaning, painting and site prep/restoration costs.

TIME SAVINGS: Most BIOSWEEP treatments can be completed within one (1) day as compared with other technologies and services that require much longer treatment times and return visits.

ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE: We do not use any chemicals in the BIOSWEEP BASE TREATMENT process. Our Proprietary BIOSWEEP  Photocatalytic Oxidation Process (BPCO) includes vapor-phase hydrogen peroxide  that is generated organically from the water molecules found in ambient air. BIOSWEEP SURFACE DEFENSE TREATMENT is an EPA-registered antimicrobial. It’s fast drying formula is safe for use on all surfaces and is non-toxic and non-leaching when dry.

SAFE FOR USE ON ALL MATERIALS: BIOSWEEP will not bleach, discolor or deteriorate any fabrics or textiles. BIOSWEEP treatment is compatible with VIRTUALLY ALL material and is residue free.

BEST SERVICE GUARANTEE: We offer an unprecedented 100% guarantee.

VALIDATED TECHNOLOGY AND THIRD PARTY TESTING: BIOSWEEP has successfully undergone rigorous analytical testing to determine treatment efficacy against a wide range of pathogens. All BIOSWEEP Services are suitable for use in all LEED Certification and Rating System programs.

QUALITY MANUFACTURING AND CONTROL PROCESSES:  BIOSWEEP is recognized as the pioneering industry leader in the commercialization of PCO technology to the various markets we serve. Equipment manufactured for use in BIOSWEEP Services is subjected to industry best practices in design, production, and product development engineering. BIOSWEEP equipment is NRTL evaluated and certified to UL/CSA/CE standards as electrically safe. BIOSWEEP’s equipment is manufactured in the United States (Houston, Texas) and the factory is independently audited quarterly for manufacturing quality, controls, and documentation. A dedication to quality and safety is our highest priority in delivering cutting edge decontamination solutions to the public through BIOSWEEP Service Providers.