BIOSWEEP utilizes a system that permanently eliminate odors and microbial/ biological contaminants from the air and surfaces of kitchens, office buildings, homes, and vehicles. This 5 step photocatalytic oxidation system, effectively breaks up odor causing particles and releases harmless water and carbon dioxide. BIOSWEEP can safely and permanently remove malodors like cigarette smoke, curry, fire smoke, mold/mildew, and animal urine.


Initially, our odor elimination experts use our decontamination technology, BIOSWEEP BASE TREATMENT, to destroy airborne and surface contaminants. BIOSWEEP BASE TREATMENT is our primary air treatment process for enclosed and indoor areas, and removes organic contaminants without the use of dangerous chemicals or ineffective sprays. BIOSWEEP BASE TREATMENT is non-toxic, making it completely safe for young children and pets.

BIOSWEEP Surface Defense

After we have removed the source of your odors, we protect you from future contaminants with BIOSWEEP’S SURFACE DEFENSE TREATMENT. This treatment prevents the return of the contaminants such as airborne viruses, bacteria, and fungi.

What Can Biosweep Treat?

Because BIOSWEEP eliminates the source of odors, instead of covering them up with perfumes or sprays, our system can treat a wide range of contaminants and malodors. We can remove any number of odors from your kitchen, including a pungent and stubborn curry smell. BIOSWEEP completely erases any trace of animal odors including urine, waste, and other unpleasant animal impurities. In your automobile, BIOSWEEP BASE TREATMENT can remove the stench from pets, cigarette smoke, mildew, body odor, and even fish odor. In addition to organic and particulate odor sources, BIOSWEEP can get rid of fumes like gas and oil from any enclosed area without risk of toxic contamination.

We Come to You

BIOSWEEP’s solutions are portable, and are provided at your home, office, or apartment by our expert BIOSWEEP service technicians. Our PHOCATOX technology is exclusive to BIOSWEEP franchises and is the only technology of its kind that permanently removes odors without using toxic chemicals, or ineffective cover-ups.

If you are suffering from odors, and would like them permanently and safely eliminated from your home, office, apartment, or vehicle, call BIOSWEEP at 800-901-0988 ext. 104 or email INFO@biosweep.com.