Customer Testimonials (residential, commercial and auto dealers)

CIGARETTE ODOR ELIMINATION The task began three months ago to eliminate the smell in a home we had recently decided to sell. Potential buyers loved the house but they were reluctant to make an offer out of fear of what it could cost to eliminate the odor. After a lengthy ozone treatment, replacing all the carpet and padding in the entire house, professionally cleaning all the walls/surfaces and an expensive cleaning of the entire HVAC system, the odors lingered and the cost was rising rapidly. The next step was going to be an extremely expensive lacquer primer and painting the entire house. Through divine intervention, we discovered BIOSWEEP OF ALABAMA and Mr. Roy Ponder. Although we lived on the opposite side of the state, he graciously offered to help us. To date, we have invested over 140 hours on the problem. He fixed it in 12! We have spent thousands of dollars and he solved the problem for less than 1/6th of what we had already spent. But perhaps the best review I can offer are not my words, but instead, were the words we heard spoken from the real estate agent and prospective buyers who came to look at the house as we were leaving. “Smells great in here.” Unsolicited feedback is the absolute best! Our most genuine thanks to Biosweep of Alabama for our happy ending! We are limited to five stars that we can offer but the depth of our gratitude and satisfaction rivals the number of stars in the heavens!

The work was great. Smell is now gone. Wish I would have heard about you before we started but it still saved us a lot of money in tear out and the rebuild. Thanks again and then next one I get with strong odors you will be my first call. Thanks again and keep up the great work.

Our main contact at BIOSWEEP has been excellent throughout this process. Very accommodating, thorough, and willing to listen to our concerns as well as address them. The BIOSWEEP system took the smoke smell out of our home effectively. Overall, the process has moved quickly to get our lives back to normal. Good Job.

The chemical odor that has been so pervasive in the closet – and that outlasted a thorough cleaning as well as a repainting – is gone! Remarkable. We would highly recommend your service to anybody with an odor issue in their home.

Just a quick note to let you know how happy I am with the product you provide our company and the employee who maintains our account. Nothing ever worked on tough odors that I have ever tried before this. Thank you.

The dealership tried several approaches to resolve this smoke odor problem to no avail. However, someone suggested BIOSWEEP and that is when you entered the picture. And, your BIOSWEEP process completely removed the odors to the extent that my motorcar actually smells better than a new car. I am very grateful to you for the outstanding service you provided!

The success combined with consumer and contractor acceptance was absolutely fabulous! BIOSWEEP is not intrusive or aggravating to the claimants. It’s like the magic wand the customer always expects after the mishap!

It has been over a month and the house is still odor free. People who visit the house now have never once noticed that there may have been a problem before. Your system works and I would recommend it to anyone.

BIOSWEEP has helped in decreasing the deodorization time that it typically took on various projects by at least 50%.

I was skeptical when I was told BIOSWEEP would pull the pet odor out of my recently vacated rental townhouse. But after I had the unit treated, I couldn’t detect any pet odor. I was simply amazed. I intend to continue using the services of BIOSWEEP in the future. I imagine it will save thousands of dollars each year and reduce costs in solving such a common problem for me and for other landlords.

BIOSWEEP is by far the best odor removal service we have tried. We tried just about every type of home remedy, spray, service, deionizers, ozone machines, etc. to get rid of the cigarette smoke in our condo, and none of them worked. We had all but given up until the car dealer who we bought our car from referred you to us. I can’t thank you enough for your wonderful service! It’s simply incredible, the smoke smell is gone! A thousand Thank You’s and we would recommend your service to anyone.

We highly recommend BIOSWEEP if you have an odor issue. They helped our old musty house smell like it was built last week! Great service and wonderful service people!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your service is a Godsend! We were finally able to get rid of the smoke smell in the house we bought over 2 years ago. If only we had known to call you in the beginning!

Not only did the BIOSWEEP® equipment effectively eradicate our odors, but BIOSWEEP went above and beyond to work around our schedules to ensure that we were completely satisfied.

It has been over a month and the house is still odor free. People who visit the house now have never once noticed that there may have been a problem before. Your system works and I would recommend it to anyone.

 The BIOSWEEP machines left a clean smelling house to compliment an excellent mold restoration job.

This is the only system that really works. We also use this system at our dealership in Atlanta that only sells Mercedes, BMW and Lexus. We have tried all kinds of ways to get smells that are unwanted out of vehicles. And when we came across this system it was a blessing!!

BIOSWEEP did an amazing job of turning a heavily smoked-in Range Rover, which we would never have been able to sell, into a clean and fresh vehicle. Unlike ozone machines, which leave a noticeable odor, the BIOSWEEP treatment left the vehicle clean and fresh and the cigar smell never came back. They have treated a number of vehicles at our dealership and we have been 100% satisfied! If you aren’t using BIOSWEEP, you’re losing money!

We used BIOSWEEP in an apartment we were considering gutting completely due to extremely bad cat odor. The results were unbelievable and the odor was totally eliminated!

Excellent Job – there was a strange odor of cooked rice, fish and paint that permeated the entire condo. Now it has a fresh clean smell that will allow people the time to look at the home and consider it. Prior to your work I had shown it to a client and in their language other than English – their son – said let’s get out of here – this place stinks!! Ha ha ha – now that won’t happen! I appreciate your excellent work.

We recently moved into a house where the previous owners smoked heavily indoors and had a large dog. We tried cleaning the house and all of the walls but were unable to get rid of the smoke odor. After having the treatment done in early February, the smell of smoke is totally gone, and has not returned. Thanks so much.

BIOSWEEP is a remarkable service! We recently purchased a home that had a horrible odor problem in the basement due to pet urine. BIOSWEEP came out to the house and treated it overnight. The next day when we returned to our home, we were amazed that the odor was completely gone, and the entire basement smelt fresh and clean! Unbelievable! Their service is truly amazing, and I would recommend them to anyone with any kind of odor problem.

Thank you for all your help with the terrible smoke odor we had in the school. Your prompt and diligent service is much appreciated! We were very pleased with the results, and we will be using you in the future for any odor issues we may have!

BIOSWEEP did a remarkable job removing the musty odor in our home. The house is almost 30 years old, and the smell had become quite unbearable in recent years, especially for my wife who suffers from severe allergies. BIOSWEEP was prompt and devoted the entire weekend to taking care of our home. It’s been 2 months and the house smells fresh and clean. I highly recommend their service!

Commercial Restoration Business Testimonials (on BIOSWEEP service performance)

Overall performance in mitigating all odors including smoke, bacteria and mold spores:

Outstanding performance. BIOSWEEP accomplishes in such a short time what was difficult to achieve with an ozone machine over vast amounts of time. This technology has streamlined our operations and allowed us to provide more efficient and effective operations for our customers.

It eradicates the odor quicker than the conventional ozone machines that we had been using.

Very well. We have had no complaints at all. It takes less time and requires less cleaning efforts in conjunction with odor removal.

Rate the effectiveness of the equipment/ technology compared to simple ozone generators or other similar equipment you may have used in the past:

There is absolutely no comparison. That would be like trying to compare a kite to an F-14.

Superior to the electrostatic charge ozones.

No comparison. Works better in less time, with less residual odor to air out.

Has BIOSWEEP given you an advantage over your competitors by giving you faster and more effective results on projects?:

Yes. We are now able to mitigate smoke and odors from homes and property in a very short period of time.

Yes. No specifics other than the utilization of BIOSWEEP on the nicotine removal in the Marriott hotels we were doing. Definitely is a competitive edge on these types of projects due to the quicker turnaround on deodorizing a room. It does a quick and superior job in this application.

Has definitely given us more firepower to treat the large commercial losses more effectively.

How has having this equipment helped you in either operations or sales:

BIOSWEEP has been tremendous on fires. But they have also helped in our mold work as well. A hygienist called me last week and asked how I managed to get the air inside containment so much cleaner than was found outside of containment through the remainder of the house and outside.

It has helped in decreasing the deodorization time that it typically took on projects by at least 50%.

The BIOSWEEP unit gets the job done and saves us time and money on not having to return on a re-service issue, like the ozone machines. We found ourselves having to ozone several times before it worked; with this unit it’s a one-time application and in less time.

Seems to only take one treatment day – has increased our revenue per sale.