BIOSWEEP® is a worldwide network of highly trained mobile Service Providers who utilize air and surface decontamination systems to safely eliminate odors and other surface contaminants as well as prevent the return of surface contaminants within any unoccupied area – homes, apartments, building common areas, vehicles – even planes and boats. Any confined space!

Certified BIOSWEEP Service Providers provide FAST, SAFE and EFFECTIVE decontamination and antimicrobial protection solutions that will REVITALIZE your home or business environment.

Using advanced photocatalytic technology (APO) and nanotechnology, BIOSWEEP BASE TREATMENT and BIOSWEEP SURFACE DEFENSE TREATMENT eradicate foul odors and surface bacteria and germs resulting in clean and enjoyable indoor environments.

These applications are conducted by trained BIOSWEEP personnel and are highly protocoled and monitored for safety and quality assurance. We guarantee your complete satisfaction!