Commercial Services


Permanently resolve lingering odor issues and improve work environment and overall indoor air quality for your employees and customers.

Property Management

Convert your distressed or unleasable inventory into revenue generating units within the same day. Reduce need for sealants and painting and cleaning expenses. Increase carpet salvage.


Quickly convert guest rooms without unnecessary cleaning expense for carpets and upholstery. Eliminate difficult or lingering odors from water damage, smoking, pets and bio-hazards.

Automobile Detailers

Permanently remove cigarette, mold, rodent and/or body odors from any vehicle in less than 2 hrs. Eliminate customer complaints from chlorine dioxide fogging, ozonation/ionization, deodorizers and masking agents.

Private Gyms and Clubs

Provide your members a cleaner, safer workout and training environment. Reduce the risk of surface to skin transmission of viruses and bacteria on high contact surfaces with Surface Defense such as weight benches, bike/elliptical handlebars and saddles, gym mats and sinks and countertops. Dramatically reduce locker room odors and improve overall indoor air quality.