Insurance Loss Services

BIOSWEEP Services is our large loss, national response team that can efficiently mobilize anywhere in North America.

Our BIOSWEEP TEAM offers technical expertise and large loss project management resources to provide unique deodorization solutions to insurers, brokers, adjusters, and consultants for claims throughout North America. Each BIOSWEEP TEAM is comprised exclusively of highly experienced and trained BIOSWEEP technicians from within our nationwide BIOSWEEP Service Provider network. Our goal is to reduce your loss expense through reduced tear-out and reconstruction, increased recovery opportunities and better control of ALE and BI due to much faster turnaround.

BIOSWEEP’S field services include:
• Site Assessment & Project Evaluation
• Fast Response, Mobilization & Treatment
• Guaranteed Successful Results
• Contents Restoration (if requested)

BIOSWEEP machines do not generate excessive heat nor create any noise nuisance. Because our
systems generate an oxidative vapor, all buildings must be unoccupied during treatment.

BIOSWEEP institutes a site-specific health and safety plan for all field projects. All BIOSWEEP equipment and deployment of services meet or exceed industry best practices and are regulatory compliant.

BIOSWEEP technology uses photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) to break down odoriferous molecules through an advanced process of oxidation. Our systems naturally generate oxy radicals including vaporous hydrogen peroxide, trivalent oxygen and purified oxygen which safely and effectively break down all contaminants that have permeated or are attached to soot or debris on all building materials within the structure. In addition, contents within the structure can be safely treated and generally do not need to be removed prior to BIOSWEEP treatment.

Insurance Adjusters

Please visit our dedicated site for Insurance Loss Services Information, including case studies and user portal.

Case Studies

Insurance Services

Dawn Marmaduke
Director of Sales – Western U.S.
Phone: (707) 210-7946

Bart Gawlikowski
Director of Sales – Eastern U.S
Phone: 407-470-7385

Commercial & Industrial Losses

Kymm Welch
Phone: (317) 270-4191

Residential Losses

Valerie Thomas
Phone: (317) 507-5077

CAT Services

Todd Schnitzius
Phone: (317) 383-7783