BioSweep® of Nebraska

SERVICES: BASE Odor Removal & Surface Defense Services

MARKET: Commercial – Residential – Automotive

SERVICE AREA: Greater Omaha and Lincoln Areas


BIOSWEEP® of Nebraska

Jim Hunt
PO Box 6787
Lincoln, NE. 68506


Turning Pointe Chiropractic has a long history of trusted service with Jim Hunt and Biosweep in keeping our office’s air quality at high standards. So, when Jim explained a new service and product he had with BioSweep, he had my immediate attention.
We have a high-volume, family-based chiropractic office. We do our due diligence with cleaning, but in any place where you have lots of people coming through, you will have microbes. The question for us was, ‘How can we minimize this without using harsh chemicals that can damage our furniture and also create drug-resistant germs?

BioSweep was the perfect solution. After a single application to the contact surfaces of our office, we know that we have a product in place that will keep our office sanitary. There is no odor or physical residual that is visible, but we know that any excess germ load we might temporarily have will be neutralized quickly.

I highly recommend BioSweep to you. It’s peace of mind for our office and the people we serve.

Dr. Linn Erickson

Lincoln, Nebraska, Turning Pointe Chiropractic

Our experience with Biosweep has always been excellent. The level of customer service and knowledge is outstanding. We highly recommend Jim and Biosweep.

Troy Henngeller

Lincoln, Nebraska, Property Manager – Cherry Hill Company, LLC

I have used the services of Jim Hunt for close to 10 years and can’t say enough good things about him. In the world of Real Estate, I run into all sorts of odor problems, from cigarette smoke, to pet odors, to mold & mildew smells to odors I can’t even tell you what they are. Jim always does a great job of solving the problem and making my listings much more marketable. He greets an issue with confidence and a smile and always gives me and my clients top-notch customer service. I can highly recommend Biosweep and Jim Hunt to anyone who may have an odor issue to get rid of.

Kent Obrist

Lincoln, Nebraska, Woods Bros Realty

My primary concern is providing the best services for our customers. I have taken advantage of Biosweep service multiple times. From taking the gasoline smell out of a customer’s car to providing air purification solutions for our waiting room. I will use Biosweep for any odor control problems we have in the future and Jim has my full recommendation.

Nick Vuko Jr

Lincoln, Nebraska, Manager – Quick Nick’s Snappy Lube

My wife and I had put our house on the market. We have cats. And the “cat smell” was still very present after moving out, deep cleaning the house, and having the carpets professionally cleaned. Jim was able to pinpoint where the odor was coming from, and treated that part of the house. He also used his BioSweep system to clean the air in the house. We were EXTREMELY satisfied with the services performed. Our house sold right away after that was done. We will definitely call Jim at Biosweep in the future.

Nate Kellison

Lincoln, Nebraska

I would refer Jim Hunt with Biosweep to my parents, friends, and anyone that is need of odor elimination. Not only is he very good at what he does, he is an ethical man who will shoot you straight. If he can help, he will, if he can’t, he will let you know who can.

Aaron Rood

Lincoln, Nebraska, Christian Heritage Home

I have known Jim Hunt with Biosweep for close to 10 years. He is not only a person of very high integrity but also a true professional. I work at Honda of Lincoln and as you know, a lot of cars which we have traded for may have a less-than desirable smell. We always call Jim to handle this and he does a great job of deodorization and decontamination. I also know he works with a lot of businesses, churches, day care facilities etc. and is not only able to remove odors but uses a scientifically proven process to lay down a long life shield of defense against germs, infections and other contaminants. I would highly recommend him for any individual or business.

Mike O’Donnell

Lincoln, Nebraska, Honda of Lincoln

I recently purchased a home whose previous owner was a heavy smoker. I loved the home, but the smell could have been a deal breaker had I not received the services of Biosweep! There is no hint of smoke left! I couldn’t be happier with the service!

Laura Parson

Lincoln, Nebraska