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SERVICES: Odor Removal & Surface Defense Services

MARKET: Commercial – Residential – Automotive

SERVICE AREA: Greater Sacramento Area


BIOSWEEP® of Sacramento

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Yemi Ayeni
BioSweep Sacramento
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“Premier odor removal solution.”


About Us

Our mission is to provide outstanding service with respect to chemical free odor removal and surface decontamination by listening to our clients needs and finding the best solution. 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed.

What we do:
Chemical free “green” odor removal of volatile organic compounds; destruction of many airborne and surface viruses, bacteria and fungi; antimicrobial surface defense, which destroys contaminants on contact and continues to prevent the growth of surface contaminants on all treated surfaces for one year.

Industries we serve: property management organizations, residential real estate, commercial real estate, car dealerships, transportation, healthcare, EMS, athletic facilities, trauma clean up, veterinary clinics, meth lab cleanup, mold remediation and fire/water remediation contractors.

We are located in Sacramento, California and we service the greater Sacramento metropolitan area.

When to Call BioSweep Sacramento:
When a chemical free and eco-friendly solution is what you are looking for, Biosweep Sacramento can help. Your pets and family members will be able to safely use the space after treatment without worrying about ingesting any harmful chemicals.

When you have tried everything from masking the odor with sprays, ozone machines, foggers and they all fail call BioSweep of Austin. We have 100% customer satisfaction guarantee for chemical free and eco-friendly odor removal.

Before you throw out all your clothing and furniture after a smoke incident, call Biosweep Sacramento.

Before you waste money ripping out the carpets, baseboards and drywall when all else fails to eliminate the odor,call Biosweep Sacramento, we can help.

Before you have a costly major outbreak outbreak of a surface bacterial or viral infection in your medical office, therapy office, hospital, school, church, daycare, vehicle fleet, gym, yoga studio or office BioSweep Sacramento.

Before you complete your mold remediation project, let Biosweep Sacramento help you ensure you get the maximum level of eradication

When an odor and allergen free environment and surface decontamination need arises BioSweep Sacramento is at your service!

What kinds of odors has BioSweep Sacramento had success eradicating?
• Cooking odors such as fish and curry
• Animal odors such as skunk spray and pet urine
• Smoke smell after fire
• Formaldehyde
• Dead animal smell (after removal of animal)
• Mold and mildew odor

How long does a BioSweep treatment take?
Most treatments can be done within 24 hours. Automobiles take 1-2 hours and most homes and apartments can be done in 12 hours or less. Our treatment requires minimal prep from our clients and most furniture, clothing, rugs, and non living items can remain during the process. Plants, humans and animals must vacate the premises during treatment. Our fast and effective treatment times make us the best choice for our customers who need fast turnaround time.

How does BioSweep of Sacramento get out odors?
Our base treatment machines use Advanced Photocatalytic Oxidation (APO) which uses the ambient air and water around us to create vaporized hydrogen peroxide and hydroxyl radicals to clean the air and surfaces while breaking down odor creating compounds as well as allergens in the air. It is a dry process and does not leave behind any residue or moisture.

How does Biosweep Sacramento eradicate contaminants on surfaces with Surface Defense?
Surface Defense offers unsurpassed wide spectrum antimicrobial protection for all surfaces against the growth of mold, mildew, viruses, bacteria and algae. It keeps working 24/7 while retarding the growth of many harmful pathogens which can lead to sickness, stains, odors or deterioration of fabrics and textiles.

From our central location in Sacramento metro including Elk Grove, Folsom, Roseville, Auburn, Rocklin, Davis, Rosemont, Placerville. Give BioSweep Sacramento a call today for your free estimate.