Institutional Services



Statistically reduce the likelihood of surface to skin infections in your facilities especially athletic areas such as wrestling mats, training tables and weight benches (areas most often identified as high risk surfaces for harboring staph infections such as Impetigo and MRSA) using Biosweep Surface Defense.

Student Housing

Reduce the amount of time your facilities and maintenance personnel devote to cleaning dorm rooms, residence hall common areas, student apartments during semester transitions and traumatic events.

Child Day Care Facilities

Eliminate lingering odors and bacteria and provide a protective, long-lasting antimicrobial barrier on high touch surfaces such as table tops, chairs, flooring, mats and toys that are a source of transmission for viruses and bacteria. BIOSWEEP® Surface Defense provides a proactive layer of defense when integrated with your daily custodial practices and statistically reducing the likelihood of viral and bacterial outbreaks through contact with contaminated surfaces.

Facilities Management

Provide a cleaner, safer environment for your personnel and visitors especially in high contact areas such as employee workout/locker rooms, meeting rooms, restrooms and common high traffic areas.

Fleet Management

BIOSWEEP services are especially effective for periodic cleaning, decontamination and long-lasting antimicrobial protection of fleet vehicles including emergency response vehicles, ambulances and police cars.

BIOSWEEP offers you a safe, cost- effective permanent solution to a wide range of odor and surface contamination challenges. We completely eradicate the odor as quickly as possible and protect treated surfaces from future contamination for up to one year. Create a much safer indoor environment.

BIOSWEEP provides a layer of unparalleled disinfection and ongoing protection. Add BIOSWEEP to your cleaning practices today without adding significant cost. Let us show you how BIOSWEEP may even help reduce your current cleaning costs.