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SERVICES: BASE Odor Removal, Surface Defense Services, Mold Testing/Indoor Air Quality Testing & Mold Removal

MARKET: Commercial – Residential – Automotive

SERVICE AREA: Southeast Alabama, including Birmingham and Montgomery


BIOSWEEP® of Alabama, LLC
Bryant Marshall – Owner
500 North 26th Street #203
Opelika, Alabama 36801
844.4NO.ODOR (844.466.6367)


The task began three months ago to eliminate the smell in a home we had recently decided to sell. Potential buyers loved the house but they were reluctant to make an offer out of fear of what it could cost to eliminate the odor. After a lengthy ozone treatment, replacing all the carpet and padding in the entire house, professionally cleaning all the walls/surfaces and an expensive cleaning of the entire HVAC system, the odors lingered and the cost was rising rapidly. The next step was going to be an extremely expensive lacquer primer and painting the entire house. Through divine intervention, we discovered BIOSWEEP OF ALABAMA and Mr. Roy Ponder. Although we lived on the opposite side of the state, he graciously offered to help us. To date, we have invested over 140 hours on the problem. He fixed it in 12! We have spent thousands of dollars and he solved the problem for less than 1/6th of what we had already spent. But perhaps the best review I can offer are not my words, but instead, were the words we heard spoken from the real estate agent and prospective buyers who came to look at the house as we were leaving. “Smells great in here.” Unsolicited feedback is the absolute best! Our most genuine thanks to Biosweep of Alabama for our happy ending! We are limited to five stars that we can offer but the depth of our gratitude and satisfaction rivals the number of stars in the heavens!
Alabama Resident

As a Realtor, i know it is important for a home to have a fresh look and smell. I had a home listed in Grove Hill that had a heavy smoke odor. I thought we cured it with an ozone machine and carpet cleaning but after a month the smell was back. It got increasingly worse. We called in BioSweep and they were quick and efficient. We sold the house. I followed up later and learned that the new owner said the smoke odor did not come back!! Success!!

Thank you Roy!!

Katherine Smith

Realtor, First Realty, Auburn, AL.

I just want to let you and all your prospective customers know what an outstanding job you did for me. In my case, I had a rental house that had a horrendous odor(cat urine). Normal cleaning would not elliminate the smell. I was concerned that I might be faced with possibly removing the linoleum floors and refinishing and/or replacing the the hardwoods. My new renter refused to move in until the odor was eliminated. Even my painter refused to paint until the smell was gone.

I was familiar with Biosweep because we used him at my business, Susan Schein Automotive to remove odors from cars. So, I called and after giving me an estimate, Roy came and completely eliminated the odor. I was so relieved to have the problem solved so quickly and at a fair price. I can not say enough positive things about him and his company. Extremely Satisfied,

Susan Schein

Roy Ponder and Biosweep saved our home. He came to our newly purchased home and delivered on his promise of eliminating what seemed to be an impossible, very distinct cigarette/cigar odor. The house had been smoked in for decades. There weren’t carpets or furniture to be removed. It’s all tile and hardwoods, so it was really saturated with smoke odor. It was a huge risk for us to buy this home with little more than a promise that he could remove it for us, and I’m so glad we trusted him with our new home. We’ve just recently had our realtor (not to mention many other people who were concerned that we’d never get it out) over for dinner, and she couldn’t believe the difference. Plenty of other people passed on purchasing our home because they didn’t believe it was possible. But Roy Ponder and Biosweep guaranteed us he could, and we’re so pleased. He was professional, on time, as kind as could be, and careful with our new investment. He explained the processes and methods clearly so we were knowledgeable and informed, and I wish I could have you come by for a before/after results test, but there’s no ‘before’ to detect anymore!

Let Roy and Biosweep prove to you how well his services work!

Give Roy Ponder an opportunity to prove how well he can eliminate all kinds of unwanted odors for you.

Andrew Lee

Auburn, AL

BioSweep was quick to respond and a pleasure to work with. Communications throughout the project was professional, courteous, and timely. Would recommend BIOSWEEP Five Stars *****.
Jack R.

Lineville, AL

BioSweep is an odor elimination company. The house my fiance’ and I purchased smelled heavily of cigarette smoke and after BioSweep treated it, the smell has completely gone. Roy was professional and courteous, and answered all of our questions. Additionally, the seller paid for the service and BioSweep coordinated payment directly with the seller, which made the process much easier. I would highly recommend BioSweep!
Katie B.

Birmingham, AL

BioSweep called immediately and proceeded to address any issues I had in my home. I was extremely impressed with the promptness, professionalism, and the detail of the report presented to us at the end of the testing. I would highly recommend BioSweep to anyone that needs the air quality tested in their home!
Mary John G.

Montgomery, AL

I manage apartments and have used Biosweep many times for fire damage, water & mold and for bad odors like pet smells, nicotine and curry. Mr. Ponder is one of the nicest, knowledgeable and professional people I have worked with. His company is very thorough and they do exactly what they say they are going to do. You will be very pleased with their work.
Freda V.

Birmingham, AL

Roy Ponder is one of the nicest, most considerate gentlemen I’ve ever worked with. He made every effort to accommodate me into his schedule and work within my time frame. He was always available for questions and provided answers to all asked. I would use his services again in a second if needed. I highly recommend him and his services.
Susan N.

Birmingham, AL