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Maurice Jackson
7501 Olivia Street
Sachse, TX 75048


Auto Dealerships

We have been using BioSweep of Dallas for several years. Before Maurice, we tried several vendors for odor removal, but always had the same result. Either the smell came back in a week, or was never fully removed in the first place. The Bio Sweep method is effective, and it lasts, and best of all, it doesn’t leave behind an chemical smell. We have never had a vehicle returned due to smoke or pet odors. I give Bio Sweep of Dallas my highest recommendation.
Aaron Brown

Pre-Owned Sales Manager, Huffines Chevrolet Lewisville

As the pre-owned sales manager for Bob Tomes Ford in McKinney, I wouldn’t even consider keeping a car with a heavy smoke or pet odor that came in on trade. A few years ago, an industry friend recommended BioSweep of Dallas as “THE” vendor to remove odors from vehicles. I tried them and “poof” the odors are gone and now I call BioSweep several times every month to eliminate odors in our vehicles.
Jeff Griffin

Pre-Owned Sales Manager, Bob Tomes Ford McKinney

Maurice Jackson and his BioSweep Technology did an amazing job of turning a heavily smoked in Range Rover (which we would never have been able to sell) into a clean and fresh vehicle. Unlike ozone machines, that leave a noticeable odor, the BioSweep treatment left the vehicle clean and fresh and the cigar smell NEVER came back. Here at Land Rover Dallas Maurice has since treated a number of vehicles and we have been 100% satisfied! If you aren’t using BioSweep of Dallas you’re losing money!
John Kimberly

Pre-Owned Manager, Land Rover Dallas


I am a contractor in Tyler, Texas who was renovating a 3000 square foot home that had a SEVERE odor from animal and human urine and feces. I had tried everything I knew to do to treat the odor including ozone machines and enzyme odor removers. I had even removed all the flooring (and a lot of the drywalls) and treated the concrete slab several times with an enzyme odor remover. But, I wasn’t able to completely eradicate the odor in the house, particularly in the master bedroom and bath. I found BioSweep of Dallas via a Google search online and BioSweep of Dallas got the job done! The odor was so severe it took them a couple of treatments, but when they finished the odor was totally eradicated and I was satisfied. These guys know their business and stand by their guarantee.
Steve Nix

Tyler, TX, Nix Construction

I purchased a home with a heavy odor of dog urine. I tried ozone machines and odor bombs, but could not get the odor out. BioSweep of Dallas treated the home, including the sub-flooring and totally removed the odor. If I run across this situation again, I will call these guys first and be done with it.
Scott Axelrod

Dallas, TX


I used BioSweep of Dallas for a house I had on the market with a severe odor of strong dog urine. Multiple dogs had been kept in the home and allowed to urinate inside the house. The owner had tried other odor removal treatments and even removed the carpets but the foul odor was still so strong I was unable to show the house to potential clients. BioSweep of Dallas treated the house and sub-flooring and totally eradicated the odor. When BioSweep of Dallas completed its treatment, the odor was gone leaving a clean, fresh smell. If you have an odor problem with a home or apartment, BioSweep of Dallas is the company to call.
Carleen Hardin

Ebby Halliday Realtor, Dallas, TX

Property Managers

As a property manager, I often have units with severe odor issues such as tobacco, curry, and pet urine. That’s when I call BioSweep of Dallas! Their service is top-notch and they get the odor out. I’ve recommended them to several sister properties.
Amy Reitt

Lewisville, Texas, Summit Ridge Apartment Homes


My car was stolen and once recovered reeked of marijuana. Obviously, I could not drive my car with that strong odor. My insurance company tried several different treatments but nothing worked, I could still smell the odor. BioSweep of Dallas was able to do what the other companies couldn’t; they totally eradicated the odor from my vehicle leaving only a clean, fresh smell. I’m totally satisfied and highly recommend BioSweep of Dallas.
Rob Guy

Dallas, Tx

A sick child threw up in my brand new Navigator and it went into the door panels as well as the seat and carpet. BioSweep had the door panels removed and completely treated my car to remove the entire bad/sour odor. The service was quick and effective. I was skeptical at first that the odor would come back, but it hasn’t in 2 years. BioSweep of Dallas treatments will eliminate odors; trust me!
Phyllis Eugene

Angie’s List Review of BioSweep, Plano, Tx