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SERVICES: BASE Odor Removal & Surface Defense Services

MARKET: Commercial – Residential – Automotive

SERVICE AREA: Northern California


BioSweep of Northern California

Andrew Wood
660 4th Street #527
San Francisco, CA 94107
415-944-7233 (SAFE)


“As a filmmaker, I’ve been exposed to some impressive technology – some might say stuff that is out of this world. Andrew at BioSweep of Northern California treated our home because we had a lingering issue with dog odor. It quickly got rid of the odor and disinfected the house – even in places we couldn’t reach. And, there aren’t any toxic byproducts, residue, or odors which is important since we’ve got an infant to think about.“

Documentary Filmmaker and Home Owner

“We used BioSweep of Northern California to decontaminate the attic for our new home purchase which had rodent droppings in it and my wife has very bad asthma so we had to make sure everything was safely sanitized. Their process was extremely thorough and environmentally safe (even for my wife) as they ran their equipment for 12 hours (overnight) a few days before we moved in. By the time we moved in there were no signs of them but we knew from the Biosweep process it was cleaned down to the studs. They are “very effective” and Andrew even came back to replace a piece of insulation (which he didn’t really have to do). By the way, they were less expensive than the local attic guys who spray and spot treat with whatever they use.”

“Highly recommend Andrew and his crew!!”


Home Owner

“My car had some pretty strong moldy odors — I don’t drive it often and sitting in the rain in winter seemed to make it worse. I learned of BioSweep of Northern California from a friend. They came by, treated my car in the afternoon and everything smells great. The odor is gone. Thanks!”

Car Owner

“Working with Andrew was a breath of fresh air – literally. He was knowledgeable and friendly. He explained his process thoroughly. There was no pressure whatsoever by him as to what should be done – the choice was all ours. We set up a time for him to treat our newly purchased home (where the prior owner had hid the smell with heavy air fresheners) and he arrived on time and prepared. Two rooms in the house contained pervasive dog urine odor which I had made several attempts to remove unsuccessfully. After, Andrew finished his treatment of the house I could no longer smell the odor and thus could feel comfortable to invite guests over. I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND ANDREW of BioSweep of Northern California. I kid you not those two room reeked and after Andrew’s treatment they no longer smelled of the urine which had cause me such angst. Again I would highly recommend Andrew of BioSweep of Northern California AND it was worth every penny!”
Donna M.

Home Owner

“Andrew was fantastic, super nice, professional and got our very difficult cat urine smell out of the room! Best of all, he understood the limitations we had (just renting, don’t want to spend too much money), and was totally able to work within our constraints. I couldn’t recommend him more highly.”


“Andrew is pleasant, professional, and understood my anxiety about the odors in my home. He left the problem area of our home smelling fresh, with no trace of the odor. He also gave suggestions about how to resolve issues in our building that may be causing the odor. Excellent service!”


“BioSweep of Northern California was on time and did the work fast and stayed on schedule. Also the cost was low considering the work that was done. The city inspector passed the work on the first inspection. I will call them when I need them again.”

General Contractor

“Andrew is truly an exceptional provider. He’s goes the extra mile to do the job right and on time.”

Home Owner

“Andrew provided a great service. He is very professional and passionate about his job. We found dog urine stains and smell on the hardboard during our kitchen renovation. He was very patient with all my questions and addressed all my concerns before taking the job. The result is fantastic. It has been a few months and the smell never come back. I highly recommend Andrew for his professional service.”

Home Owner

“Andrew is the best! Great customer service! 3 dogs, house smelled of urine and dogs! Smell greatly reduced. Fair price. I highly recommend.”

Home Owner

“Hired Andrew to get rid of third hand smoke odor from my place. Even though the job was hard as the nicotine was painted over, BioSweep of Northern California knew exactly what to do to get the job done at a fair price.”

Home Owner

“What a great service! I am thoroughly happy with the results of my treatment! I couldn’t get out the cigarette smell out of my car, and with two treatments – my car is scent less! I have been blessed or cursed with the ability to smell everything, so every lingering scent of cigarettes would have driven me insane. The customer service is outstanding and BioSweep of Northern California will come to you. I can’t rave enough about them, but I must end this at some point. Use them, you will NOT regret it.”

Vehicle Owner

“I found BioSweep of Northern California through another business because I was looking for something to remove and destroy smoke odor and everything bad that comes with it. Thanks to Andrew with his knowledge on odor removal, my car is smoke free and able to drive refreshingly. I strongly recommend this if you are looking for permanent removal of odors.”

Vehicle Owner